Sanctuary of Light

Welcome to the... 

  • Beloved Ascended Master Jesus
    Beloved Jesus the Christ
  • Ascended Master Saint Germain
    Saint Germain
  • Ascended Master Kuthumi
    Beloved Kuthumi
  • Ascended Master El Morya
    Beloved El Morya
  • Ascended Lady Master Portia
    Beloved Portia
  • Beloved Great Divine Director
    Great Divine DIrector
  • Beloved Ascended Master Afra
    Beloved Afra
  • Ascended Lady Master Nada
    Beloved Nada
  • Ascended Lady Master Kuan Yin
    Beloved Kuan Yin
  • Beloved  Mary the Blessed   Mother
    Beloved Mother Mary
  • Ascended Lady MasterMary Magdalene
    Beloved Mary Magdalene
  • Ascended Lady Master Miriam
Beloved Ascended Master Jesus
Beloved Jesus the Christ

The Sanctuary of Light presents these pictures of Enlightened Beings painted by well known artists.THEY ARE NOT OBJECTS OF WORSHIP. They are used simply to remind us that we have the God-given potential to become like them.  "All these things shall ye do, and greater things shall ye also do."  (Jesus the Christ)